All about having fun and living life to the fullest, it is about helping others on their path and also learning from them at the same time. The show features topics on being in charge of your own life, helping you to be healthy by introducing exercises, tips and tricks that you can use in your everyday life, as well as hands-on techniques and meditations to help you with pregnancy and parenthood!


Speaking with authors across the country and around the globe.  We cover authors of all genres of books and bring them to a reading audience.


Dimensions is a show about modern science, a discussion of new topics in every field of science.  As with most things, topics from different fields of study often overlap and intertwine, and this show will emphasize the interconnectivity of the sciences and their relationship to us and our planet.


Talking about all subjects of science fiction, whether popular, obscure or in between.  This includes books, authors, television series, movies, actors/actresses. Guests can be authors, television writers/creators, actors and actresses.

Reviews on books and movies that tie into themes each week. Ending each show with "just saying" which makes the ideas my own to defend and hopefully encourage others to read and watch to see for themselves.


A show about superhero news in the world of entertainment, mainly tv shows, film, direct to video etc.


An opinion-gathering show that looks to help folks develop a call-to-action plan based on what is needed.


On Our WRSPsports Station:


National Sports Show, talking about trending topics and breaking news, with a little Philly flavor mixed in.


Talking all of your Fantasy Sports leagues, from football to baseball to golf and tennis.

Max Zelenko has the info you need to hear.