Ayoe Ingemann Lai

Host of Creating Great Health

I’m from Denmark and directly descending from the Vikings just a few generations ago and the Vikings were the first to discover North America :)

When WRSP approached me about the radio show, I was excited about the opportunity. I see the radio show as an opportunity to share my healing journey and things I have learned along the way with other people as well as food related topics, which is a great love of mine.

The experiences I’m going through in life are the cornerstones for this show, so I definitely couldn’t do the show without all the good and bad I’ve been through. I think I’m good at sharing experiences and practical tips so the listeners can learn something. I like to help people on their journey to be a better version of themselves.

It is a great challenge for me as well as a super exciting one!


Doug Huggins

Host of The Author’s Talk Show


Doug was born in California but his broadcasting life started at the University of Arkansas where he graduated with a Speech Communications Degree.  Since then his speaking and broadcasting experienced has been varied.  He has been a sports announcer, voice over commercial artist, film voice, stage actor, had a radio show, before now becoming the voice for The Author's Talk Show.

Doug's main goal is for the spotlight to be on those he interviews to promote their work and success.  Doug is also a published author. Learn more about Doug's published book "Thirteen Souls" at

Frank Monahan

Host of Dimensions

Frank Monahan is a scientist with a degree from Penn State University in Microbiology & Cell Biology. Born in Philadelphia, PA and now residing in Fairfax, VA, Frank worked as a microbiologist for a company now known as GlaxoSmithKline, one of the largest international pharmaceutical companies in the world. Frank is now the President & CEO of Rocket Science Productions, an international multi-media company, and the author of the popular Stanley and Norman children’s book series.

Frank’s interest in all science is what motivates him to do this radio show. Learning new things and happily sharing that information is his passion.


Lewis Stockham

Host of All Things Sci-Fi

Marc Heyison

Host of Partners in Survival

In 1992, Mr. Heyison's mother, Gloria, was diagnosed with breast cancer. To date she has remained cancer free. Since his mother's diagnosis, Mr. Heyison's passion has been to eradicate breast cancer. Marc has created two 501 (c) 3 non-profit organizations, The Gloria Heyison Breast Cancer Foundation and Men Against Breast Cancer (MABC).

In 1999, Mr. Heyison founded and currently serves as President of Men Against Breast Cancer, the first and only national non- profit organization designed to educate and empower men to be effective caregivers when breast cancer strikes their family. MABC and Mr. Heyison are recognized as national leaders in care for the caregiver.

Mr. Heyison is the 2000 recipient of The Columbia Hospital For Women's Outstanding Individual Commitment Award in the fight against breast cancer. He also received 2001 WUSA's TV 9 Nine Who Care Awards for community service in the Washington DC Metropolitan Area and The Thomas Jefferson Award from The American Institute, the highest civilian volunteer award granted in the United States. In 2002, Men Against Breast Cancer was invited to join the Board of Sponsors of The National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (NBCAM). In the spring of 2003, Mr. Heyison was honored by Washington Life Magazine as of one its Men of Substance and Style for his commitment to breast cancer and to help others face this disease. Mr. Heyison was named the 2004 Male Speaker of the Year by Women of Virtue. And, in addition, he was the recipient of The 2004 Bess Cohn Humanitarian of the Year Award given annually by the Advertising Specialty Industry, which has over 10,000 members. In 2009, All Shades of Pink honored Mr. Heyison with its P.I.N.K. Lady Award. In 2010, he was honored both by Howard University Cancer Center with its Leadership in Cancer Award and by the Atlanta Braves Diamond of Hope Award 2010 Breast Cancer Awareness Day. Mr. Heyison received the 2011 Susan G. Komen For the Cure Philadelphia Affiliate s Survivorship Award.

In 2007, Mr. Heyison collaborated on For The Women We Love, a Breast Cancer Action Plan and Caregiver's Guide For Men, the first guide book of its kind for men incorporating a proven scientific problem solving model to help men be there for the women they love.

In addition, in 2008, Mr. Heyison helped author the book on behalf of The Wellness Community, Frankly Speaking When Someone You Care About Has Breast Cancer.

In 2013, Mr. Heyison authored a caregiving book for all male caregiver’s titled, “It’s Not Rocket Science: A Guy’s Blueprint to Caregiving.

Mr. Heyison is a graduate from The George Washington University in Washington, DC and former professional baseball player with the Baltimore Orioles.

In 1996, Mr. Heyison was elected to The George Washington University Athletic Hall of Fame, and in 1999 he was elected to the Greater Washington, D.C. Jewish Sports Hall of Fame.

Mr. Heyison lives in Maryland with his wife and daughter.

Marissa Shortt

Hostess of Just Saying

Staci Layne Wilson

Host of Killer Queens


Staci Layne Wilson was born in Los Angeles, CA. She is an American writer and filmmaker. She began as a magazine journalist, then moved on to being a movie reviewer, celebrity interviewer, red carpet reporter, then making short films, helming music videos, and writing and directing features. She has won awards in a number of festival awards.



Vanessa Gomez

Host of Killer Queens

Vanessa can credit her looks to her unique blend of German and Mexican genetics. Born and raised by a single mother in San Diego, Vanessa began acting locally in the fourth grade when she participated in Balboa Park's Summer Theatre Program. Continuing to pursue her passion for the performing arts through high school and into college, Vanessa eventually made the move to Los Angeles where one of her first auditions became her first big break.

Taking a more entrepreneurial role in her acting career, Vanessa started her own production company in 2010, Wicked Wolf Films, LLC. They released their first film project “Vamps” in 2010 and their next move was to blast out of the coffin with her horror alter personality “Gore Whore” and started “Nightmare Nightcap”, an original horror culture show, where she covered the hottest topics in horror. Joining the Dreadcentral family in 2013, she co-hosted Dread Central Live with horror expert and beauty Staci Layne Wilson. The show consisted of hot topics and interviews with horror’s top producers and artists. You can find Vanessa sharing her thoughts each week on her vlog hosted on Dreadcentral’s Youtube Channel entitled “Gore Whore Uncensored”. Vanessa affectionately refers to Jason Voorhees as her “lover” as she credits the Friday the 13th franchise for her addiction to horror. Stay tuned for what she has in store for “Gore Whore” and Jason in the next year.


Martini Jean

Host of The Superhero Sandbox

Martini Jean has a certification in screenwriting from the New York Film Academy and a certification in Radio Broadcasting from The Recording, Radio, & Film Connection. He always had a vivid imagination growing up yet had trouble expressing it. After catching the writing bug back in college, he could finally begin to put his thoughts onto paper. First, he wrote poetry as a hobby then he challenged himself writing faux episodes for shows that he would have loved to write for (mainly superhero animated shows). One of his first editorial jobs was writing review articles for an online website but the itch to be more creative wasn’t being scratched so he delved into screenwriting and novel writing as well. Currently with 1 script done and a book in the making, Martini has no shortage of outlets to let his creative juices flow. Recently making several guest-host appearances on a friend’s podcast, he’s found another way to let his voice be heard. Literally. One day with the creative trifecta of his thoughts, pen and voice, he would like to open up his own production company to further explore his interests in the world of imagination.

Martini enjoys playing video games, watching comic-book related shows, and fleshing out new ideas to be made into purchasable works one day.

Robert Wood

Host of Photography at the Speed of Light

I have been a professional photographer for 35 years. I have specialized in weddings and portraiture.  I hold both the Master Photographer and Certified Professional Photographer degrees from Professional Photographers of America. I also have a B.A. in communications from West Chester University. I have won more than 50 national and international awards. In addition to owning and operating Robert Wood Photography, I have been an instructor at Antonelli Institute of Art and Photography, outside Philadelphia, for twelve years.

Wayne Applewhite

Host of Affect

Wayne has an eclectic experience base that he brings to the community and to the nation at large. He has over 30 years of diverse and challenging leadership experiences, coupled with a solid foundation of continuing education. Wayne is an Adjunct Professor for Boston University’s Metropolitan College. He has held positions as Director of Graduate Military Programs, Associate Dean, Associate Professor, Instructor, Lecturer, Outside Director, Thought Leader, and COO to name a few. Wayne also served our country proudly as a member and a leader in the United States Air Force.

Enjoying people and sharing ideas with them, Wayne has been a successful national/international independent consultant with such clients as the Consulate General in Hamburg, Germany, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, in Brussels Belgium, and AMTRAK, just to name a few.

Wayne is viewed not only as a speaker, a consultant, and a leadership developer with a diverse audience expertise, but more significantly as a life long learner and mentor. And more than that, Wayne loves to read!

Wayne enjoys teaching and learning in the areas of Leadership, Process Improvement, Change Management, Team Building, Translating Vision to Practice, Project/Program Management, and Self Efficacy on the micro, macro and mega levels. He developed and introduced a great tool called, “The SIP³”© Model, for Strategic Thought, and another that he calls the “Environmental Influence Model” which speaks to Active and Passive Strategic Positioning and Learning.

On Our WRSPsports Station

Greg Larnerd

Host of The Word with G - Pro Sports in New York and

The Word with G - Fantasy Sports Edition

On Our WRSPRadio Station



Max Zelenko

Host of Pick 6 – Pro Sports with a Philly Flavor and

Pick 6 - The Fantasy Sports Hour with Max Zelenko

Max Zelenko attended Indiana University and graduated in 2010 with a degree in Sport Marketing and Management. Upon graduation, he worked as a college athletic scout, helping high school athletes achieve scholarships to play at the next level. Max's passion however, remained in sports journalism and broadcasting. You can find his work published on several websites, and he will continue to make for a great source of knowledge in both the professional sports and fantasy sports world.